Lauren Smith


ad writer, music lover, dog owner, picture taker, yoga practicer. always looking for more things to love.


: is currently a junior copywriter at RPA in Los Angeles.
: graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in English Literature.
: wrote an award-winning thesis there entitled “Exploring Time’s Collapse in a Nabokovian Hall of Mirrors” which has only been read by professors and her mother.
: has a dog named Samson.
: who is internet-famous. Search for him on sites like the and
: trained as a Arcane-Fire-Blasting Undead Mage in the World of Warcraft before retiring to pursue a career in advertising.
: is self-sacrificing at times, like giving up comfort for the environment by buying recycled toilet paper.
: sings along to Broadway musicals while wearing an apron and cooking.
: power yogas.
: won a Yahoo! Big Idea Award for some myspacing she did for an out-of-work crab.
: has served, cocktailed waitressed and bartended and can therefore prepare you a drink when needed.
: IMs, facebooks, tweets and flickrs.
: has 36.2 days worth of music on her iTunes.


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